Adaptation of the libretto, director and choreography:Todor Valov

Set design, puppets and costumes: Stefanka Kiuvlieva
Music:Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky
Adaptation and processing of music:Plamen Mircev - Mirona
Puppet Masters:Petar Cekurov - Pesika and Dimitar Dimitrov
Production of puppet and decor:Atelier capital’s puppet theater, Sofia, Bulgaria
Art Studio:Ganka Kirilova, Vera Benkovska and Anelija Sadovska
Production of decor:Rumen Benkovski and Rade Krstić
Costumes: Ljiljana Kalicanin

Cast: Darija Nešić, Milica Redžić-Vulević, Nevena Brzaković, Dubravka Brkić, Milomir Rakić, Miloš Milovanović and Vladimir Đoković

Premiere: October 1st 2012

Based on the Libretto by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky

The play is intended for children older than 7 years, is adapted for adult audiences
Duration: 55 minutes

Play Director:

The endless struggle between the forces of evil, taking human souls and the forces of good inspired Tchaikovsky to compose the music for one of the greatest and most important ballets. I believe that the lake symbolizes the eyes which are windows to the human soul.
Beautiful an innocent Odette turns into a Swan when the Demon casts a spell on her. The White Swan represents Odette’s pure soul.
I hope the magic of the music and the puppet theatre itself will trigger the most beautiful emotions in each of you.