La Negra (Valencia, Spain)


Author and director / Toni Agustí
Dramaturgy / Toni Agustí
Scenography / Mar Vicens and Inés Muñoz
Pupets design / Mar Vicens. Inés Muñoz and Nelo Sebastià
Composer / Adolfo García


The Woman / Inés Muñoz
The Man / Nelo Sebastià
Voice over / Verónica André


The Teneré Tree is a tree in the middle of the Sahara Desert that for a long time was considered to be the most solitary and isolated tree on Earth.
But the Teneré tree wasn’t always alone. Millions of years ago
in the very same place where it now stands, there were other trees like it, as well as plant life, wild animals and water. Lots of water.
Our Teneré tree likes to remember that time and it also likes to dance and sway with the wind.
It even likes to receive visits from Tuareg caravans in the middle of the night and from wayfarers seeking the shade of its branches to escape from the searing heat of the sun.

Age recommendation: 6+
Duration: 40 min