Directed by Anđelka Nikolić

Scenography and costumes: Ana Kolbjanova

Music: Lazar Novkov

Stage Movement: Isidora Stanišić

Graphic Design and Props: Lazar Stanojević

Costume Design: Jelena Pavlović

Photography: Lazar Stanojević


Dubravka Brkić

Milica Redžić Vulević

Petar Lukić

Duration: 35 min.

Age: 3+

Premiere: 15.9.2021.


Solve the riddle: “All about, but cannot be seen, can be captured, cannot be held, no throat, but can be heard.” Are there any unfamiliar words to you? Ask your parents, if they do not know either - you and they together ask their parents.


Can you see the wind? If you can, draw it, here:





What does a tree look like when it is windy and when it isn’t? Show with your body.


Leave the theatre. Close your eyes and feel the wind on your cheek. What do you think, how many children in the world feel the same wind stroking their cheeks at this very moment? Send some nice thought to another child via the wind (maybe that is a friend of yours who lives in another city or country).


Ask yourself: are there any other things or occurrences which we cannot see - but we feel them? You do not have to tell us this, it is important that you know.