Based on a novel by Mark Haddon

Directed by Dragana Miloševska Popova

Scenography Design: Vesna Popović

Costume Design: Ana Kolbjanova

Original Music: Irena Popović Dragović

Video Production Design: Marko Stamatović

Graphic Design: Marko Stamatović

Lighting Design: Rade Stamenković

Scenography Production: Nikola Komazec

Costume Production: Mirjana Dopuđa and Jelena Pavlović

Translation from English: Boris Todorović


Camera Operator: 




Miloš Milovanović as Christopher

Mina Stojkovć as Siobhan

Milomir Rakić as Ed

Sanja Matejić as Judy

Ljubica Radomirović as Mrs Alexander, Posh Woman

Dubravka Brkić as Mrs Shears, Mrs Gascoigne, Woman on the Train, Store Owner

Petar Lukić as Roger, Duty Sergeant, Police Officer at the Station

Vladimir Đoković as Mr Thompson, Police Officer, Man with Socks, London Police Officer, Reverend Peters


About the play and the process 


Signposts which led me through the story and the process created a range of exciting, curious images, presented from the perspective of one exceptional fifteen-year-old. His name is Christopher John Frencis Boone; he knows all the countries in the world as well as their capitals, is mathematical genius, does not differentiate emotions, loves animals, cannot lie, dislikes yellow and brown colour, loves red, does not understand metaphors and recognises the importance of detective novels... He is said to be atypical and is recognised in the wide range of autism. Through his perspective of creating a detective novel, then a dramatic story, and finally a theatrical play, we will get to know the ways he solves the mystery. 

Searching for the murderer of the neighbour’s dog, Christopher discovers many other thruths - about parents, the world he is surrounded by, other people’s lives, and especially about himself.

Through the process, we were dealing with many questions - ranging from accepting differences, self-understanding and understanding others, getting to know atypical persons, their needs, wants and wishes, through complicated familial relations, to readiness to face curious worlds and complex situations, but in a fun and comical way, with film dynamic. 

We tried to speak about needs and sensitivity, underestimated abilities, as well as the power of will to break boundaries and jump out of the safe and comfortable microworld of this brave fifteen-year-old.