Based on the fairy tale of the same name by Felix Salten

Concept: Jakub Maksymov
Directed by: Jakub Maksymov
Scenography and costume design: Olga Ziebinska
Puppet design: Olga Zijebinska
Puppet production: Olga Zijebinska
Original music: Lazar Novkov
Graphic design: Dejan Petrović
Scenography production: Mini Bees
Translated from the Czech language: Jan Zorbić
Photographer and cameraman: Zoran Laki Lazarević


Miloš Milovanović

Darija Vulić

Milomir Rakić

Vladimir Đoković

Ljubica Radomirović

Marko Đurić

Duration: 55min.   

Age: 6+     

Premiere: 18.11.2020.

The direktor s  word :

Deep in the woods, one spring day, two small eyes opened. And since they had opened, they have never stop wondering, what they see: mum‘s nose,, grass, a tree, a mouse, a squirrel, a jay, leaves, stones, water, ferrets, their own hooves, a hare, Falina, Karus’s antlers , road, bushes and also the most beautiful thing of all - meadow! Actually, there is one more thing. Something tall. Something is standing on two legs. Something strangely naked in the face. Something that radiates tremendous power. It’s He ...

Bambi is a lyrical, puppet author’s adaptation of the famous, almost century-old novel by the Austrian writer Felix Salten, working with live music played on a number of wooden percussion musical instruments. The performance talks about about growing up and getting to know the world of a little roe deer, with which we experience his childhood and adult joys and hardships. Such a little roe deer must learn to stand, walk, jump, run, play, find food, hide, be alone, recognize danger. And this teaching never ends, the world for deer remains mysterious, even when they grow up.

                                                                                                                               Jakub Maksymov