Author: Anđelka Nikolić

Technical Associate: Taša Kaluđerović

Associate for visual identity and graphic design: Alina Linjkova

Actors, co-authors and moderators: Dubravka Brkić and Petar Lukić

The play is performed with audience on the stage and the audience number is limited to 30 children and their parents.

Duration: 55 min.

Age: 1+

Premiere: 18.11.2017.

The play Colourful Tree is inspired by a rainbow coloured eucalyptus: a tree so colourful that it looks as if it has been painted. This plant is so beautiful that it connects nature and art, reminding us of this connection and how these two areas are separated by traditional classification.

The play evokes the senses through changing seasons, using the combination of natural materials (water, leaves, fruits…) and recycled materials (bottles, bags, boxes…)

The main goal of the play is to takes us away from the deafening everyday life and to evoke peace, restlessness, joy, kindness and other emotions that we feel while spending time in nature or with the closest people.


In the play you will hear the verses by Desanka Maksimovic, Leonard Cohen, L.Hrubin, Moritakea and music by Mozzart, Grig and Cortazzia&Fraguglia.