Directed by Damjan Kecojević

Tekst: Tijana Grumić

Scenography Design: Zorana Petrov

Costume Design: Aleksandra Lalić

Original Music: Nevena Glušica

Choreography: Damjan Kecojević

Lights Design: Bojana Lazić

Graphic Design: Dejan Petrović

Scenography Production: Nikola Komazec (Mini Bees)

Costume Production: Mirjana Dopuđa

Photography: Zoran Laki Lazarević

Cameraman:MJ Video



Mulan Fa: Darija Vulić

Moon: Ljubica Radomirović

Father Fa, Master: Petar Lukić

Lin: Vladimir Đoković

Captain Fang Ming: Milomir Rakić

Ling Long, Grandma Ming: Miloš Miovanović

Tao Zhou: Aleksandar Petković

Enemy: Dubravka Brkić


Narrators’ voices:

Mateja Kecojević

Boris Milošević Žiži

Drina Kecojević


Author’s word:

The starting point for the creation of this play was a traditional Chinese Poemo of Mulan, in other words, the poem about a girl who, in order to protect her father, went to war instead of him. Which war it was is unknown, as well as which parties encountered , what the cause was, or how long it lasted. It is unimportant to know all that. when we know that centuries before and after, there was practically no day without war in the World. Wars are unfortunately led even today, and wishing to tell this story, we also had to deal with them. However, in the story which is told by us, it was important to us to show how pointless, and how much are some other, inner fights we all lead, much more important and more necessary to the world. Once, not so long ago, this story about differences, courage, friendship and trust took place.


Damjan Kecojević, Director

Tijana Grumić, Writer