The Cloud and the Flower


Author: Zorana Petrov

Director: Bojana Lazić

Set and costume design: Zorana Petrov

Music: Vladimir Pejković

Coreography: Damjan Kecojević



Darija Vulić

Ljubica Radomirović

Miloš Milovanović

Set production: Darko Ivanović

Graphic design: Dejan Petrović

Photography: Zoran Laki Lazarević

Video: МЈ video

Premiere: June 29, 2023.

Age: 3+

Duration: 30 min.

Director’s statement:

Our story begins with an unusual agreement between two lonely creatures – a Cloud and a Flower. If the Flower tells sad stories, the Cloud will cry and gently nurture it until the Flower grows tall enough for two of them to hug. After three sad stories and liters of shed tears, the Flower grows up to the sky and finally succeeds in hugging the Cloud. And none of them cry anymore. Ever. Not a tear. Till the end of time.

It is important that the children too get to know that sadness isn’t something to be afraid of or ashamed of. The sadness is precious, just like the sense of joy, but the most precious thing is to have a real and sincere friend, be with them, love them and feel them, just like they love you. We want to inspire children to think about the nature, about their feelings and about the world they live in or, rather, the world they would like to live in, in the future.