Based on fairytales by

Hans Christian Andersen

ADAPTATION/ Biserka Kolevska

DIRECTED BY/ Biserka Kolevska

SCENOGRAPHY/ Alina Linjkova Veljković

COSTUMES/ Alina Linjkova Veljković

MUSIC/ Lazar Novkov

CHOREOGRAPHY/ Jovana Todorović

GRAPHIC DESIGN/ Dejan Petrović



Miloš Milovanović/ Henrich, Policeman, Tailor

Nevena Kočović/ Princess

Petar Lukić/ Naked King, Innkeeper

Ljubica Radomirović/ Governess, First Lady

Vladimir Đoković/ Minister for Soft Emotions

Milomir Rakić/ King, First Minister

Age limit: 4+

Length: 70 minutes




Presented to you is a bunch comprised of three Andersen’s flowers, three fairy tales:

The Princess and the Pea, The Swineherd, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

On one hand, it shows a clear picture of true love of ordinary people with pure hearts, on the other hand, it shows pretending and hypocrisy of the rich and the powerful.

Andersen, that unbelievable storyteller, had a hard family fate.

He did live in poverty, but filled with love towards true human values. And he claimed that we should go back to our childhood in order to become and remain humane.

As Goethe also said: "A child is man’s father!"

We should learn to be good and honest like children. It is not accidental that Child is a symbol of purity. Because it is indeed.

I that is why It states the obvious truth: "The king is naked!"

Princess Henriete and head over heels swineherd Henrich,

searching the path towards their mutual happiness, come across many obstacles.

And, as it always is in fairy tales, their dreams will come true.

In the play, there are so many expressive, even grotesque characters, lovely music, soul plays and the hearts of our lovely actors, veiled by Andersen’s vision of Man.


Biserka Kolevska