Direction, scenography / David Zuazola


Composer / Lazar Novkov

Scenography assistants / Alina Linkova, Marko Stamatović,

Marko Đurić, Saša Radovanović, Alaksandar Petković,

Milica Redžić Vulević and Ljubica Radomirović

Costume designer: Alina Linkova

Light designer / Rade Stamenković


Milica Redžić Vulević

Ljubica Radomirović

Aleksandar Petković

Premiere: May 20, 2023.

Age: 10+

Duration: 60 min.


About the play:

This is a really unique puppet show that aspires to explore new creative possibilities that transcend the traditional ways of the apprehension of puppetry. In this joint venture, we reflected on how important it is for local communities to get involved in creating this show, and that the community involvement goes beyond the basic delight of playing the role of the spectators sitting in anticipation of the beginning and the end of the performance. We wanted to create a comprehensive experience.