Based on the novel by Elin Pelin

Director: Biserka Kolevska
Scenography and Costumes: Svila Veličkova
Music: Vasilen Valchanov
Choreography: Danijela Sagić
Translation: Milica Redžić Vulević

Miloš Milovanović - Ian Bibian
Darija Nešić - Fyut
Dubravka Brkić - Bird, Liana, Mother
Petar Lukić - Devil, Cooper, Mirilay
Milomir Rakić - Fiufinko, Priest, Donkey
Vladimir Đokovoć - Main Devil, Teacher, Donkez, Luluk, Boy
Nevena Brzaković - She devil, Luluk, Boy

Premiere: March 1st 2017
Length: 55 minutes
Age limit: 6+

Elin Pelin, born Dimitar Ivanov Stojanov (July 8th 1877 - December 3rd 1949) was a famous Bulgarian author, celebrated for his depiction of rural life.
Pelin was one of the pioneers of Bulgarian children’s literature, and his novel Ian Bibian is considered one of the first science-fiction novels written for children.

The unbelievable adventures of a boy Ian Bibian leave us breathless. The play with many unexpected twists speaks about the naughty boy and his adventure, about his unusual friendship with Fyut, about a beautiful girl who was turned into a bird by an evil magician Mirilay, as well as the secrets of the underworld led by devils. An illuminating story about growing up, understanding and emoional maturing, reminds us of somebody we must know.

Director’s comment:
If you want to see something trully unusual and interesting, somthing that will keep your attention every moment, watch the play Ian Bibian. You will see a princess under a spell, silly dwarves, scary devils, a dancing donkey, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy some good music and choreography. And, maybe some children will recognise themselves in that lovable, a little spoilt and by all means naughty boy.