Directed by Tin Grabnar

Scenography and costumes: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčić

Music: Mitja Vrhovnik Smreker

English translation: Nebojša Pop Tasić

Sign language translation: Ana Keler

Photography: Zoran Laki Lazarević



Milomir Rakić

Ljubica Radomirović

Miloš Milovanović

Sanja Matejić

Duration: 45 min.

Age: 7+

Premiere: 29.5.2019.

The show entitled “The Silent boy” is a puppetry performance, performed without puppets. It is a dance of hands, a choreography of bodies. The acting technique is based on a so called platform theatre, where actors at the same time represent all the characters and puppets as well scenographical elements, landscapes and stage props.


In a big house, somewhere in the countryside, there lives a boy. His family has four members: beside the mother and the father, the boy has a five years old sister named Leyla. His father, the head of the family, is a hunter. In a closed wardrobe on the attic, safely hidden from the children, he keeps a hunting gun. Sometimes the boy is allowed to accompany his father, on his hunting trips. But he is not allowed to touch the gun. He’ll be able to shoot when he is old enough to get a hunting licence.


One day, when the boy and his little sister are alone at home, they discover that the attic doors were open. Although it is strictly forbidden, they go and explore it. Between spiders, bats and old newspapers they discover the forbidden goods: the key to the closed wardrobe, where the hunting gun is hidden.


The boys’ name is Vuk and this is his story.